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Originally Posted by Onaorkal View Post
Oh I'm glad you think it's not a light deck!

I've just re-read all of the (few) threads about it on the forum and many people seem to like it but think it's a bit too straightforward and shallow maybe?

Since I don't have the deck in-hands yet I looked up some images online and it seems like many cards have plenty of symbolism to offer, that's why I was still thinking a group could be nice Hopefully we'll get some other friends!
i don't understand how the symbolism is shallow. this deck sings to me. and the court cards are just fantastic. i guess straight forward is in the eye of the beholder. i have done some very serious readings for others with this deck, and the people have just been so happy not only with the reading they couldn't get over cards -- just how much the cards spoke to them directly.

anyway, i'm in!

let me know when you get the deck!
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