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Hey guys I didn't abandon this project!

I did get my deck a week ago but truthfully I haven't had a chance to dive into it yet!

I looked through all the cards, picked my favorite card and my least favorite one, and I just finished reading the Introduction part of the book.

I hesitated before coming back here because I am not sure how to approach a deck study. Do we jump right away into studying the cards individually or do we talk about the deck in general a bit beforehand?

Let me know how you would be more comfortable proceeding.

For now I can at least tell you that my favorite card is The Moon, closely followed by the 2 of Earth. And the 9 of Sea is the card that I like the least - for now.

I have to say I really appreciate the presence of other animal species shown in different kinds of relationship with the cats. I can't wait to analyze that in the individual cards threads

I haven't even tried to read with it yet (didn't have quality time available for it) but I'm curious to know the kinds of readings/questions you like to use this deck for? How do people/querents tend to react to it?

Let's get this going!

Meanwhile I will try to find time to do some reading(s) with it and start to study some cards
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