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Yes going card by card is a good way imo.
I don't do reversals either but of course if anybody has something to add that would be useful for a reversed meaning they are welcome to do so!

I would be happy to start as soon as possible, whenever I'll have enough time I will do a card and post it. I can start the threads but if somebody is fast and willing to do it first I don't mind either. I would tend to go with the Major Arcana first, but same thing here, if somebody feels really inspired by some card they can make a thread for it too.
It's a learning process and it's for fun, so no pressure and no rules other than the forum rules!

Seldes Katne - yes activities that would help us learning and discovering other aspects of the deck would be fun! Thanks for proposing!

and empress's dress let's see if we can't find a way to broaden the meanings from those cards together!

Simple question : did you all realize that only the cats who are in a position of authority wear jewelry? They are the Priest, Priestess, Emperor, Empress and all the Queens and Kings.
I thought it was interesting!
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