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Originally Posted by Fulgour
I am unaccustomed to being treated with such flippancy
in this study group... I guess I will withdraw from Thoth.
Well, personally, I thank everyone here who has helped rip me a new one. Now, it will be even easier to spew my crap around :-D

Actually, unless the charges/taunts/whatever actually apply to you, nothing anyone says can disturb your peace of mind. You're the one who decides to be insulted or angry. I find that things only hurt if they hit close to home and then self-honesty goes a long way to dissolving that pain. Expose the shadows to light and watch them disappear.

As for the idea of "occult snobbery," since it doesn't apply to me in the slightest (projection on the part of Mr. 418), I won't bother to address it at the moment, other than to say, quite simply, managing my own time and money is my business. And while we're on the subject: what other people think of me is none of my business. Think along these lines, Fulgour, and much heartache disappears forever! :-D
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