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Numerology: 185
Sabian Symbol: A man teaching the true inner knowledge
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Affinity
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Renal pyramids
Crystal Element: Lithium Quartz
Expression: Lithium Quartz is a pink-purple, opaque variety of quartz. Lithium Quartz enhances meditation and awakens the higher self.
Message: Channel information from the source.
Sun Focus: Your abilities lie in teaching, understanding and experiencing. You seek the knowledge to educate.
Affirmation: I choose an altruistic path.
Numerology: 182
Sabian Symbol: The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Threshold
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Renal cortex
Crystal Element: Moldavite
Expression: Moldavite is a translucent green, glassy mineral. Moldavite motivates the expansion of consciousness, promoting a rapid evolutionary experience.
Reflection: An advanced state, new experiences restoring equilibrium.
Sun Focus: By setting free limiting thought processes, you are supporting the planetary ascension process.
Affirmation: I meditate on moving into new spiritual dimensions.
I have Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in the 6th House in my natal chart. Two massive planets, two Guru's/Teachers, and they sit in a house of day to day activity. I feel these two directly connect to my meditation rituals that I established about a year ago. Meditating and grounding myself has greatly benefited me, and grounds out my Moon in Pisces which would otherwise keep me in a dreamy state most of the time. I started carrying Lepedolite in my pocket about a year ago too, but perhaps I need to pick up some Lithium quartz instead.
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