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I bought the book today - took two stores to find and when I did, there was only one available, so I guess it was meant to be for me! YAY!! I'll be using my Bruegel Tarot deck. This has been a very "fiesty" deck for me (as I like to call it), very "talkative" and has tons of imagry. I think it will be PERFECT for this study! I've read through the beginning chapters and have pulled my three cards: The Moon, 4 of Cups, The Stars. I find this very exciting and yet curious at the same time. The Moon is one of my any-deck favorites; the 4 of Cups is very representative of myself; and the Star has always been one that leaves me feeling "blank/not sure of its message." So how do I choose which card to use????

I love the curious imagry in the 4 of Cups. There are several people that seem to be utilizing a "food line" with various expressions. Not to mention the winter theme/snow on the roof that seems so EXACT to my current atmosphere/surroundings.

The Star has captured me with the ship anchor that she's standing on. Not to mention the fact that she is happily NOT topless like usual

The Moon has great imagry; symbols that cause thought; and a card that has always been a favorite of mine.

I've also taken note of the top card when I first pulled the deck out of the box: 4 of Pentacles. I feel as though this is a significant card because it was the first one brought to my attention with this "study" in mind. It also has a very curious image of several people using their index finger to point towards various interests. I like this card. It leaves me curious when simply glancing at it to know what each of them are thinking. But because I didn't pull it in the 3-card draw with the initial question imposed for this study, I'm not sure if it's the one that I should choose.

Needless to say.....

I've decided to "sleep" on these four cards tonight before making my decision which one to use. The full moon may .....wait......would The Moon card be my best choice on the very same night as a Full Moon????


I will stick to sleeping on the four cards before me and make my decision in the morning. With that, I'll post my Step One exercise.....

I am SOOOO looking forward to this Study Group!

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