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New participants, what we are likely to do next.

It is good to continually see new people join our study group. The "catching up" process is not a problem -- in fact, it is a blessing. As new participants move through earlier steps, it brings those steps to the top of the listings and back into our awareness. It is highly beneficial to me to read those writings as I then review those steps and see how future-current steps relate to them and build upon them.

Just today, at Step 13, we started to review symbols. We had addressed metaphors awhile back, metaphors include groups of symbols. By breaking down the larger schemes into small bits we find that the detail has great meaning not only for the cards in general and for a specific chosen card, but that we can see the symbols operating in our daily life. THIS IS DYNAMITE STUFF!

As Mary Greer's book makes the tarot more personally meaningful to us, we gain great insights into ourselves and the cards we use. We could just read the book and say "that's nice." Doing so cheats us of the direct experience that those in study group so much enjoy. Life is not a spectator sport, and neither is the Tarot.

If you want to see why so many of us are finding so much in this exercise, why not join us. Its not too late. There is no fixed deadline. It has been my approach to introduce a new step every week or so. This week it was a full 8 days since the last step. Sometime later in the summer we will start these steps all over again starting at the ADEPT level and not the Apprentice level.
At that point it may be more work to start fresh, so it is clearly a good time to join the study group. Dave
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