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Correspondances kabalah - tarot, for or against

I read this in THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES, by Manly P. Hall (1928) this morning: "Most writers on the Tarot (Mr. Waite a notable exception) have proceeded upon the hypothesis that the 22 major trumps represent the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This supposition is based upon nothing more substantial than the coincidence that both consist of 22 parts."

I do not know much about kabbalah, unfortunately (it is on my to-do-list to study it...) but would like to hear your opinions about the basis for establishing these correspondances between kabbalah and the major arcana. What do you think? (Yes, I know of some of the arguments for it already... I have studied Golden Dawn texts and Crowley as well as some other sources... But now I wonder what YOU think!)

I am also a little puzzled about why Waite did not present a correspondance between the hebrew letters and the Tarot? Do anyone know.

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