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One of the reasons that I am puzzled is that Waite indeed based some parts of his version of the tarot on the hebrew language and kabbalah, so why did he not go all the way.

Here is one example: the renaming of the court cards (the old king became the new prince).

"Mathers' logic for this renaming is based on the mystery surrounding the four-lettered name of God, Jehovah or Yahweh, written in Hebrew as IHVH. This mystery name contains the four elements and the fourfold family as Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter. In Mathers' renaming of the Court cards, the King is fire and the father, the Queen is water and the mother, the Prince is air and the son, while the Princess is earth and the daughter. Crowley immediately saw the difficulty in these revised titles so in his own Book of Thoth, published in 1944, he brought back the old title of Knight, so that in his own scheme the four court personages were transformed into Knight, Queen, Prince, and Princess. This was done to guard against confusing the old King with the new King.""
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