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A few thoughts on the trees

Maybe these are birch trees? I did a little research* on tree symbolism, and the birch tree symbolizes new beginnings and renewal. Could White have deliberately chosen the birch for the card of the Magician, who begins the Tarot and uses life force to create? Also, the Beithe, or Celtic birch tree, is the first tree of the Ogham, or Celtic tree alphabet--a fitting choice for the Magician, Card 1.

Also, the birch tree is apparently linked to Beltane, beginning of summer, which ushers in the light or "male" half of the Celtic year. This tree would be an obvious choice for the Magician, who embodies the stereotypically male qualities of agency and action--(or male lightness rather than female darkness).

Finally, "the word birch is thought to have derived from the Sanskrit word 'bhurga' meaning a 'tree whose bark is used to write upon" (from Wouldn't this be fitting, given that the Magician in a sense makes his mark (i.e., "writes upon" reality) through active direction of his will to create?

*Most of my info on trees comes from
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