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Depending upon the reading, the background of this card 'pops' in different ways for me lol.. for example, I've had it come out in a past position where the small bits of blue in the sky have popped out, and the reading turned out to be that there was a big blowout which actually cleared the air and all the tension that had been building up for some time within the family.

Another thing I see in this card is almost a feeling of being ganged up on? The bottom two sword are piercing up in unison and the top sword is on its own looking down - perhaps someone thinks they are RIGHT in a particular argument, and is being met with resistance from the other parties. I do tend to feel that there is a third party involved when this card shows up - but that does depend on what else comes out in the reading for me.

Edit: I had another idea about this card - what about it representing falling hard for someone - so much so it causes you to neglect all else as you are so focused on this extreme emotion.
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