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Lightbulb Best Case / Worst Case Scenario Game

I saw a thread on the forum the other day talking about how sometimes a person's energies could possibly affect a reading. It got me wondering. Therefore, I thought that concept could possibly turn into a fun game thread.


All you do is pull a card and give one sentence (*I've changed the rules to allow more than one sentence if you feel the need to write more... it's up to you) to describe what the best case scenario outcome could be for the situation or question, and what the worst case scenario situation could be for the situation or question.

For example, if my question is:
"How does my love life look over the next six months ?"

The person below me would read for my question by pulling one card.

They pull the Page of Cups.

They then would give one sentence for the best case:
Your love life will be full of flirtation and you will stumble upon a new love that will make you both feel young and alive again !

Then they would have to find a worst case scenario as well in one sentence:
Your love life will be okay at best, since the people or person you will date will be kind of immature and not that committed.

So I thought this game would be a good exercise to help teach us all how to look harder for all angles in a reading, even though our intuition is usually 99.9% right most of the time. And remember, just because we are doing best case and worst case readings doesn't mean one has to be positive and one has to be negative. It just means exactly what it says: what do you see being the best possible outcome, and what do you foresee being a possible issue for the sitter ?

EDIT: We are finding that feedback is quite welcomed and appreciated in this game thread, however the "next question" sometimes gets missed. Therefore I ask that, if you are making a post but not answering the next question in the queue, that you please leave a quote of the next person's question below your text so everyone knows where we left off. It would look something like this:

Originally Posted by God
Thanks for the reading, it was really interesting. I never knew that people said my name during sex. Hmmm. No wonder my ears are always burning.

Speaking of burning, here is the next Q in the queue:

Originally Posted by Satan
Best case / worst case scenario of getting an air conditioner down here ? It's hot !

I'll start everything off with a question !

What kind of work do you see me doing a year from now ?
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