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Hi thinbuddha

It took me quite a while to get my head 'round Crowley's Fool. Personally, I think Crowley went way overboard in his analysis of it in the BoT (only adds to the confusion), but what do I know.

I get sort of a negative vibe from The Fool, especially this one. To me it looks as if he is on a bad acid trip, which he well may be. He represent chaos, while The Magus represents the organizing principle. This is basically how The Fool is portrayed in most tarots. He is a simpleton without a plan wandering aimlessly through life. He has potential, but has not yet figured how to take advantage of it or make use of it. I think a lot of people tend to view chaos negatively. It makes us uncomfortable. We usually spend most of our waking hours trying to avoid it. I don't think it is necessarily negative unless we view it as such. It is simply another aspect of our reality on this planet.

One thing I love about Crowley's deck is its rich symbolism. It does have artistic beauty, but there are some cards which I simply don't care for from an artistic standpoint. Crowley's main intention, I believe, was to convey ideas through a symbolic medium which, imo, he and Frieda Harris succeeded in masterfully.

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