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yay! #311 is safe in my little hands!

i studied art history in college and have had a marvelous time going through the deck this afternoon. some faces popped right out - "mousy" anne of cleves, erasmus, the venus from 'sacred and profane love' - and others are just teasing me. they're hinting, whispering...almost taunting me because it's been TEN years since i took northern renaissance art! i'm looking forward to the companion book but will enjoying the puzzle of who these people are in the meantime. (you're next page of cups...i KNOW i've seen you....)

thanks for the beautiful, wonderfully sized deck!

lastly, i love my little baggie...i'm feeling rather lucky as i got the brown suedey one and i am rather a brown person. black's just not my color, you know?'s perfect all around!

those incense cones smell divine too. would it be impolite if i stuck them up my nose to enjoy them more thoroughly?
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