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Originally Posted by aurarcana
How about we make a thread on single card draws (and even one on 3)? Can that be done in a Study Group? I think it's a great idea. And, what about a thread on the VR and BG being used together?
I think the draws sound great - do you mean one person draws and we all discuss? And I don't have the VR, but it sounds like several people are using the decks together. You should definitely start a thread, and why not do it here? I'll find it interesting reading if nothing else. The two decks together will surely give some new insight into the BG.

Originally Posted by aurarcana
When I post in the threads in the Study Group here, I feel like I should go in order. How have the rest of you been handling it?
I haven't been, really. I'm new to all this and could use some direction, most definitely.

Originally Posted by aurarcana
I am still new to reading with the deck; I had it sitting my my Tarot Ottoman for months, but I've been using it consistently now. It reads so well, I'm amazed. Some of the cards are spectacular. For example, The Hanged Man - have you ever seen a Hanged Man like the one in this deck? I even dreamt about it last night!
I've dreamt about several of these cards, too. I agree, they are AMAZING.

Hmmmm....a Tarot Ottoman....oh yes.
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