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We all have lives outside of Tarot and this should be a fun and cathartic activity--a labor of love! I want to relax when I do these. On the train, before bed, whatever.

I did need a push, and I hope my excitement lasts. There is so much going on in these cards, and I truly want to spend time with My limited edition Queen of Wands bag came today, and yes, I will be using it .

BelovedK, regarding Majors, do you want to alternate weeks (you drew Jutice this week; I draw next week; etc.) or do you prefer if we each draw one to keep it random? I thought about this after my last post. It may help each of us focus one major focus (no pun intended), each week. Just a thought.

(Again, to others reading this, this is just BelovedK and my rant on how we are planning on tackling the cards. Create threads/post away as you deem fit.)
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