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Originally Posted by Melanie Marquis View Post
Yep, it is! I'm guilty! Cups are water and Pentacles earth as usual, but Swords are aligned with fire and Wands with air in this deck. This difference stems from differences in magickal traditions, where some witches associate the athame ritual tool with fire, while the wand is associated with air. I felt it went along better with the symbolism of the cards to do it in this alternate way even though it goes against the majority tradition. I think of wands as movement, change, flow, swiftness, which seem like airy qualities to me, while the swords cards often show destructive forces, which seems like a fiery quality to me. I tried to design the deck in a way that the symbolism would come through even for someone who uses the alternative, and more common, elemental associations.
Thanks I don't mind a switcheroo as long as it makes sense and that makes total sense to me. Looking forward to the book too now.

Fingers and toes crossed Llewellyn keep up their borderless trend for this one.
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