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Hi Carol,

not all problems can be brought to a solution just by meditation. Sometimes you have to fight for what you think (air,swords!) is right. I dont see her as 'captured and cornered'. I get the impression, that she has discovered someting that doesn't feel *right* and so she decided to *act*.
There is of course some kind of aggression, perhaps the better word is determination, to fight for the right. Fighting *for* something - not fighting against someone - which makes a lot of difference to me. She strongly holds the sword in her *left* hand. That's a sign for emotional concern about the situation. Her motives come from her feelings. It's a matter of heart - not just brain - that she will start fighting.

So she is preparing. Putting on some camouflage. Sorting her hair, so that it wont hinder her while acting - a symbol for keeping clear view of the situation. Also take a look at her wide open eyes. See will see even details of the situation.
So she ist well prepared for her task.

The motive of the camouflaged fey ist repeated on the 7 swords. I think this card was discussed here before - especially the transparency of the fey which fits in well with the camouflage theory.

I like both these cards!

Blessings, Widar
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