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Lightbulb Made in Japan

Hello all and dear Kenji,

What a surprising but nice idea such an inspired deck.

Pierre Madenié deck is really the best Tarot of Marseilles deck I saw up today.
And this "creation" is full of Japan spirit as far I can see.
Count me to for having an exemplary if possible.
I will compare it to Camoin/Jo, Conver and Madenié of course to see what choices was made.
At first sight it seems more Madenié than Conver or Camoin/Jodo.

I imagine how Sir Pierre Madenié would be impressed (or shocked who knows ,) if he could see what happened about his work.

What will be Tarot in 300 years ?

For sure Tarot will still exist in one way or another because his symbols cammed from Men to Mankind.


Yves L.M
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