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Originally Posted by sophie-david
The Green Knight then gives Gawain one little scratch with the great axe saying, "That's for the garter."
LOL, I just loved that this card makes a lot more sense than before.

In this book I've been reading...Dragon Queen:the Tales of Guenivere, heads were very powerful things, seemingly even more so once they had been struck off and preserved with cedar oil and smoke, and hung in the center tree of homes. (Houses were built often around a living tree) They had to do the bidding of those who had beheaded them and couldn't lie and had to tell them everything they knew or were asked about, sound warnings when the inhabitants were in danger and being as how they were dead, they had extra info mere mortals didn't or couldn't know. The heads might not speak unless they got a nice wiff of burnt food or had some wine tossed down their non existant throat and would get giddy and not make sense if they had too much. (It made for good incentive to get them to talk) LOL

So the significance of this makes the possible loss of Gawain's head very much a burden, because his head would "live" as a slave for as long as anyone didn't destroy it or until the owner released him and let him travel to the Otherworld. He wasn't afraid to lose his life, he was afraid to lose his head. Now that little saying makes a lot more sense too, there was a huge amount at stake Head on a pike so to speak. (Excuse the pun, but it fits with spears for sure)
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