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Originally Posted by Bat Chicken View Post
The raven is also said to be a guide to the Otherworld.
Ravens live long lives, some say they can see death. With their black plumage they represent the cosmic void, the black emptiness of the universe [the abyss]. Many traditions hold the crow and raven flew out of that emptiness into our reality, and can carry you into and out of that dark matrix. (David Carson, Find Your Spirit Animals, 2011)

Ravens are scavengers as well as hunters, as is the eagle described in the book. The raven here, as the rider on the pale horse and carrying a scythe is clearly representing death. However, the scythe also symbolically cuts away illusions and opens the gateway to truth. If we think in terms of reaping, it is not simply a cutting down, but a collecting--harvesting that which you have sown and invested time and resources in. It is a time for separating that which is beneficial and valuable from that which is no longer needed.
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