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Originally Posted by Shardz View Post
Well, since I was relying on memory and didn't review the card properly before I posted, my mind remembered red for some reason. The aura is red, not the cloth; -1 point for me and my lack of coffee. I haven't heard or read anywhere that the mystery figure represents the High Priestess, but I was close with the inner Self correlation, I suppose. I'm not exactly sure why the aura is red, however. Perhaps that little detail points to the pomegranates? Even though the veil is white, as the High Priestess wears, I wouldn't have caught this detail unless there was some blue or a moon on the cloth. I guess I had better hit the literature tonight to get to the bottom of this intriguing factoid.
Maybe it is red because it is the lowest chakra color. It's the base that connects us closest to Earth. Red also has the shortest wavelength, thus blinding us to only seeing what most see in this physical reality.

If the aura was purple or indigo we wouldn't need a veil.
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