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Originally Posted by Shardz View Post
Approaching the card in a more generalized fashion and mindset, the spirtual number seven represented here with the various aspects in place could also possibly allude to the seven Deadly Sins and/or the seven Divine Virtues. Choosing to shed the deeper esoteric meanings, which Waite was infamously known to do with the Minor Arcana (as he was obviously thinking about sex every 7 seconds), one can arrive at numerous meanings to suit the current relative spread in question.

However, this card in particular brings a lot of mystery to the table with the wide array of symbolism that definitely encourages intense visual study. As is the case with looking at clouds or defining ink blotter images, a wealth of things can present themselves at a glance. Moving forward to the wreath of victory, it would appear to yield what looks like a small 7 in the bottom middle of the wreath, along with what appears to be a skull on the cup.

Wreath of Victory in the 7 of Cups

Quite a few Tarot authors have associated VII The Chariot with victory, though I tend to lean towards conscious Will with that particular card. The evident skull on the cup eludes me completely, unless I am just imagining things and it's simply tarnish or remnants of the printing process. As this card is also associated with Scorpio, there is indeed enough mystery to uncover here to satisfy nearly any curious Scorpio's research endeavors. Altered consciousness would be an understatement in deciphering all the symbolism presented here, especially with Waite's paltry explanations of the Minor Arcana (and arguably a great deal of his writings in the Pictorial Key to the Tarot.)
I've always seen the wreath as Saturn because of it's relation to the laurel wreath that goes around the World card. The world card is part of a kind of "death" as in...this is the final end to your journey and you get to start over again soon. So that could be one of the reasons why there is a skull in that cup. Laurel has several meanings (the plant), one is victory because the ancient Greeks would crown the person with victory leaves, but the other meaning is prophesy, which is why (i think) it is used so heavily in Tarot.

If you decide to go with the 7 original planets then the Moon is associated with the HP and the veiled woman, so it couldn't be the chariot because the chariot also rules the moon.

I like the idea of the 7 deadly sins though because the 7 of Cups tends more towards being slightly negative because we get so caught up with all the choices and desires.

Lust: veiled woman
Greed: Jeweled Cup
Gluttony: Castle
Sloth/Sadness: Woman with the closed eyes who is all "blue"
Wrath: Dragon
Pride: Wreath

Of course, I'm going to have to think about this some more as I just came up with that right now. What do you think of the list?

I went to wikipedia

One artist put Pride down as the tower of babel, so that might even be the castle.
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