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Originally Posted by Ruby Jewel View Post
I guess what I am getting at here....and trying to that since all the imagery is a figment of the imagination, basis in can the images have any meaning at all since they are just an array of fantasies in a cloud of fog?
Given the generalized popular belief of this card, it certainly would appear to be an assortment of odds and ends that could float around in the mind to cause distraction and delusional thinking. However, as we well know from this dynamic duo, nothing in this deck seems incidental or randomly depicted without some sort of meaning, hidden or otherwise. Of course, we could be looking too deeply at the details, but I do believe that Pamela had an incredible sense of intuition to a point that well exceeded her low grade in the Golden Dawn.

As Waite was known to hide his esoteric secrets in plain sight, more notably with the Major Arcana, it has been suggested that Pixie took command of the Minor Arcana utilizing basic descriptions from Waite; ultimately, utilizing her intuition with glimpses of older decks to guide her through the artistic tasks. As Pixie had some strong psychic talents in her own right, many have slaved away for decades, scrutinizing every minute detail in her pictures, to find deeper connections throughout this deck. Even just a simple rock or bush placed in the landscape has its place and meaning that points to something less obvious at a glance.

Laurelle: Very nice! I had router problems today, and just now got back in here to digest what you wrote about this card, which has been quite interesting. Planets, Sins and also days of the week (with their source being of the 7 ancient planets) is something to ponder for certain. As I read Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom, I'm currently reading her follow up to that book, Tarot Wisdom, which offers about 20 pages on each Trump card thus far. I will skip to the 7 of Cups in that book tonight and also review the first one for clues. I will also poke around to see what Eden Gray and Mary K. Greer have to say about it, if anything enlightening at all. It would even be more interesting if these offerings in the cups formed an acrostic with their first letters, revealing a single word of revelation that would keep us awake at night.

I've always been fascinated with this particular card, now even more so upon learning some of these possible hidden links.
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