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Okay, for the first round of unbelievable speculation, I have a theory from Katz and Goodwin (whose information I normally do not trust or use due to uncovering way too many errors in their work). They state that "the strange symbols in these seven chalices are stages of the alchemical process, based on Michael Maier. The transformative stages of alchemy are categorised differently according to various authors, but often fall into a pattern as thus:"

1. Calcination - salamander (dragon - fire of calcination)
2. Dissolution - victory in death (wreath with skull cup)
3. Separation - treasure (sorted jewels)
4. Conjunction - castle (conjunction of all elements)
5. Fermentation - serpent (drunk reptile?? Explanation not given)
6. Distillation - divine figure (purity of distillation)
7. Coagulation - human being (the complete philosopher’s stone, the perfected human being.)

Perhaps I should consult Robert Place to try to make sense of this mess since it involves alchemy, though I don't know if he refers to the RWS deck at all. These two authors don't even know the correlating suits between the Tarot and playing cards, so I'm taking this information with a grain of salt (pun intended) as grand illusion, just like the card meaning. More researching for me since at least something wacky came up thus far, which might result in final truth with more effort.
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