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Originally Posted by cirenosille View Post
I suppose I am interested in both the trauma and its expression; I feel having a deeper understanding will help with the healing.

For question 4, I guess I'm curious as to how the affects evolved; do you think that the scope of that is too big for this spread?

As for question 8, I'm interested in helping the spirit of my ancestor receive healing, if it's needed.

A question i have: I'd like this spread to be general, but for me, i know the trauma took place around 18 or 19 generations ago on my mother's father's side; do you think there a way to hone in on that knowledge with the spread?
How comfortable are you with big spreads? Delving into how trauma was expressed over 18-19 generations is already an 18-19 card spread by itself.

I'm not going to number the positions because doing so fixes them and we may not be there yet. So far we have:
  • What was the trauma?
  • How was it expressed in that first generation?
  • Who experienced the trauma?
  • What effect did the trauma have on their life?
  • What is the legacy the trauma has introduced into the family line?
  • What effect has the trauma had on my family today?
  • How can I heal the trauma I inherited?
  • How can I heal the trauma the rest of my family has inherited?
  • How can I help the spirit of my ancestor heal, if that's needed?
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