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Well, it is the 33rd verse of the chapter, and the subject matter is clearly split into thirds: ordeals, rituals, and law.

The ordeals are individual, and so cannot be specified exactly. The rituals are partly for public use and partly for private use, so these can be partially revealed. The law, (presumably Liber AL itself), is to be declared openly, even though it remains to be interpreted by each individual.

This last bit seems a contradiction. But consider the verses near the very end of the book. It is said that the fool will go through four ordeals in regard to Liber AL, and his understanding will increase with each ordeal. Although those ordeals are not specified either, the results of them are, i.e., higher awareness at each step. So it would seem that although the Law is public, it too is individual and hidden in the sense that it requires ordeals to understand it more fully, and we are told that these ordeals are unique to each individual, so they will not be spelled out. So I take that to mean that the words of the Law are public, but their meaning is not written.

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