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Ordeals are written not. Rituals, half known and half concealed. The Law is for All. There's a clear progression from the individual to the universal.

The Law is for all in much the same way that the Law of Gravity is for all. In both cases these Laws operate regardless of individual understanding.

Rituals are symbolic forms. But to be of any value they must be worked. It's the point of contact between the individual and universal forms. Your experience will differ from mine. And the experience of the novice and master will differ greatly. The novice has learnt to skim the surface. The master has plumed the hidden depths.
Life is a ritual. Most people are born, they go through the motions, and then they die. But very few people actually try to live. That requires a bit more effort and might threaten comfort levels.

Ordeals. This speaks to me of initiation. Not the ceremonies of occult orders, which are symbolic outer forms. But inner initiation. Real growth, real learning only occurs at the point of restriction. Your limits are your self-imposed comfort zone. Pushing beyond those boundaries is often painful. (See the 5 of Wands) Due to their very nature they are entirely individual.

Quoting AC from memory: "Initiation is never what you think it will be. If it were you would already be initiated."

Hadit: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world.
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