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Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen has large B&W images in the book. (I haven't tried to figure out which Pam version they're from though.) I've cut the spine off one of my copies (save yourself the trouble and mess and take it to a copy shop to have it done), scanned them all in and one day plan on coloring them by hand and/or computer.

Thanks for the suggestion. Would you mind checking to see if she has any permission notes? The usual "this image is used with the express permission of US Games" etc. etc. either near the images or the image index?

Originally Posted by trzes View Post
There are actually several websites that show all the RWS images. Some do so with explicit permission of US Games (Kenji with superb scans of all the original Pam decks and Albi Deuter for example), others don't (like Stefan Stenudd or Tarotlore). So I don't think that the lack of available Pictorial Key images is because of restrictive copyright handling but rather because most people find the B&W images less interesting.

Your thought about derivatives inspired me to a tiny wee project though. With trueligh's scans of Pam A images on Kenji's website being available in high resolution I started to extract everything black from some of the images using my old paintshop pro 7 (now free) graphics software. The result might be similar to what you were looking for (see attachment).

I already ordered some free web space on a US based server where I can put my derivative work from public domain images (in the US at least) online. It might take a couple of days, but I'll be back soon...
I'm surprised you didn't use GIMP. Try hitting the color ones with lots of contrast, then desaturate using luminosity values to avoid making a grey murk of the colors as much as possible and then apply a threshold on that.

I'm suggesting the complicated route because the details in the flower devices on the Fool's robe are not black-outlined so they appear empty. From what I just saw in roppo's link, the original monochrome series from the Pictorial Key suffer from the same problem. Example of the Fool done this way. (that's a quick and dirty low res example btw, nothing serious, other details look like crap)

Or you might do both and keep the extra useful details in a layer.

Originally Posted by roppo View Post
You can see B&W PKT (1922) images here.
Thanks for the link.
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