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Originally Posted by chaosbloom View Post
A company called AGM-Urania (which seems to be German) is selling what seems to be an identical derivative of RWS and titled Rider-Waite Tarot. I don't see any mention of US Games. And they have trademarked the "Rider-Waite" name apparently.
My old 1980'S RWS-Copy is by AGM. They have a small note on the box, saying "COPYRIGHT © 1971 by US Games SYSTEMS. INC.. N.Y. 10016".

One for sale on German Amazon now says "© 1971 US Games Systems. Inc. / 1983 AG Müller Urania" on the small image of the back of the box. AGM Urania seems to licence many US Games things to sell in Europe, but does this example mean that they bought the copyright for Europe as well or that they also do all the copyright stuff in Europe on US Games' behalf? has an RWS android app for free without mentioning any copyright, at least not on the amazon page. Has anyone used this and can say whether there is any copyright being mentioned within the app?

BTW I didn't manage to achieve what you did as a B&W fool, neither with Gimp nor with my old paintshop 7. I guess it would have required dealing with the basic colors seperately, otherwise yellow and red end up as almost the same shade of grey. Anyway, my nice excuse will be that the fool and the 3 of coins seem to be the only cards where the color provides content. So I'll be fine with the link Roppo provided.

ETA: Just tried again. Making red darker did the job.
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