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Originally Posted by Snaut View Post
Thank you all for your answers.

@ravenest. Do I understand it correctly, that you argue to assign the elements to the directions so that it makes sense according where I stand?
Errmmm ... I will argue that is how 'elemental directions' came about in the first place.

Even astrological elements. How else did they get that flavour ( well, some fiddling to get them to make a cyclic regular pattern. If a star or asterism marked the beginning of the summer or a wet season ....

What sense can one make of putting water in the west ? I'd like to hear your reason for it. Unless it is some highly complex internal mapping reason, like Aeon suggests, but unless you are working that way and in that system, I feel it is a very unnecessary over complication.

Most people just agree water is in the west, because that was what they were told. get further into it, Kabbalistically, it comes from the four winds, why? Because, in Israel the west wind blows in from the sea and is 'wet'.

I would not argue that for you though, as any system you adopt depends on what your aim is. If you want to learn a standard LBRP for 'Kabbalistic reasons' , or as a preliminary to similar work I would suggest following the script.

If you want to use it in some other way, varied arrangements may suit.

If you want to work 'in nature' and use the forces of the environment around you, like making a circle with 4 elemental quarters, then I would suggest using them how you see them manifested.

Of course, any local environment may mix thing up, as Michael pointed out with the arrangements he detailed in the elements (not the 'directions' as such ) .

One, is to have the opposites ( active opposes passive - fire and water ; air and earth ) at opposite quarters and line from one to the other has a + or - terminal.

.. F

E + A

.. W

Another is to have one line with + terminals and the other line with - terminals crossing to make the polarity.

... F

W + E

... A

Originally Posted by Snaut View Post
Even with the original (RWS) placement of Eagle and Man it does not fit into the elements how they are invoked in the LBRP. That is truly mind-boggling to me. Any explanations?
I would have to find out the reason why it boggles your mind before I could offer an explanation.

LBRP directions are to do with the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, and a specific imagined position within it. Kerubs on the World card are to do with the zodiac, and a central position in it .
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