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Originally Posted by La'al quiet fella View Post
'The beast and the scarlet woman are attributed to Leo and Scorpio. they are two-in-one Chief officers of the temple of the new aeon of Heru-Ra-Ha. (note the eagle kerub in the 23 Aire is Aquarius. Scorpio is the woman-serpent. this is important, for the old attribution is of the eagle to Scorpio')

There's a further twist though. The traditional attributions of the Tetragrammaton, IHVH, do not determine the placement of the Kerubim. Instead they are determined by the functional opposition of the Signs of N.O.X. as given in Liber V vel Reguli, where Vir opposes Mullier and Puer opposes Puella. This is exactly what we see on Atu's V and XXI with the Bull opposing the Woman, and the Lion opposing the Eagle.

Bull(Taurus) - Vir(Man) - Yod - Earth.

Woman(Scorpio) - Mullier(Mother) - Heh-prima - Water.

Lion(Leo) - Puer(Son) - Vau - Fire.

Eagle(Aquarius) - Puella(Daughter) - Heh-final - Air.

One important result of these new attributions is that the Mother and the Daughter, Heh-Prima and Heh-final, occupy the top half of the card. The Daughter has been raised to the Throne of the Mother.

When projected onto a pentagram the two letter Heh's sit at either end of the horizontal bar. This is significant when the letter Lamed is attributed to the topmost point.
Originally Posted by J. Daniel Gunther
This is the work which balances the Daughter Heh-final with Heh-prima the Mother; the union of the cherub of Air and Water in the pans of the balance. This is the satisfaction of the Woman, the formula of 5 + 5 + 30 = 40, the Hanged Man, the Master of the Temple who hangs suspended on the gallows of heaven.
Originally Posted by Liber LXV, III:59
Therefore is the Eagle made one with the Man, and the gallows of infamy dance with the fruit of the just.
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