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Originally Posted by Ruby Jewel View Post
I see the 3 over 5 as being balanced as the 3 fits equally over the 5 with one left over on each side, making a pyramid...which is quite stable....problem is the top is missing....whatever that signifies...For me, the Moon represents the 12th house, which is a house of fantasy, and very little awareness of reality.....emotions yes as it is a water house....awareness, probably not. I don't know how this fits in with your understanding of the Qabbala and the Tree of life.....I am at a loss I can't say much.
Now I had a random thought: putting a cup on top of the pyramid would make it "9", the number of the Moon. Perhaps the Moon in the sky is the top cup that got away and the man is pursuing it to restore his peace of mind (hey, stranger things have happened in mythology!) He's going to chase it all the way to the 9 of Cups before he catches up to it.

I personally don't equate the Moon in this card with Pisces because I tend not to mingle Trump meanings with the small cards. Astrologically, the Moon has nothing to do with Pisces or the 12th House, not by rulership, exaltation or decan (as I'm sure you know).
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