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The positive in this combo is that the emotional (Queen/Cups) is supported by the pragmatic/solid (King/Pents) and vice versa. So the person's feeling are both realistic yet deeply emotional; they can have romantic dreams, but they will be tempered with common sense. This is a good balance, as they check each other. The king's pragmatism is checked by the queen's empathy, and the queen's dreaminess is checked by the king's realism.

King & Queen also indicates a maturity in both emotions and practicality.

I'd say they were good cards to pull given the question. These two, however, do indicate a lack of energy of fire in the person's feelings. It's not just the missing wands suit, but the fact that both water and earth put out fires. The Queen/Cups can be depressed in her emotions, the King/Pents too practical and not warm enough.

So, in the negative you may need to watch out that this person may have feelings that are on the gloomy side, not warm and bright. It rather depends on what you're after from this person. If you're not interested in hot passion, then these two cards could be very good--but if hot passion is what you're after, well, it ain't there.
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