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the Fool

First i have to say i'm a complete begginer, specially with this deck. Only have it for 1 day. 2nd, i have to sy this is really stopped: last post was in 2007...

I've read the other coments and i really like the interpretations from L'Etoile Netzach Julien Lewen and spinningspider.

When i look at the Fool, i see Joy and Happyness: for the music, the buterflys that follow and for the dog, that seems to be dancing.
I see Variety of Options/Choices, because he can go anywhere he wants, just needs to chose the way.
Balace, (like Netzach said), because he is on is tiptoes, like when we walk in the night and don't want to make noise.
But also a Warning, because is on the edge of the cliff, he is aware of it (because he is on is tiptoes), but he is not looking at it. So, he must be carefull.
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