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Thank you worth trying! I have no idea how on earth anyone has a relationship when their neighbors their neighbors are so awful! I just hope I meet someone nice so I can move away from here. I like the city life yet the people near me have no respect. I am looking right now to move away not too far yet somewhere with tolerable people.

I have sent for some mookite! various other stones.
I have some Hematite I am unsure if its a good idea as both sides are reflective. I keep thinking it will reflect things back to me. I am going to travel at the weekend hopefully for a good rummage around some markets. When more festivals are around neighboring cities I will be off checking those out too.I really love travelling to rummage around for surprises! I am keen to try everything out here.
I currently have two bags with stone sin by my front door. a Pentacle facing outwards attached to both.A Wiccan made me to put near my door with gemstones bundled in them.

The neighbors have a new talent banging upwards as if someone is knocking my door, they knock the same wall so you think someone is at the door, its annoying as you make the journey from living room to swing door open nobody there, then you hear the jerks, I decided today to have a spring clean while the lazy devils sleep on sofa, I heard shut up! shut up! hey!? I thought well us normal people have things to do called cleaning tidying. I carried my mookite around with me and went about my business.

I will be looking for a heavy crystal to take on the issue, I am asking my subconscious and so far nothing as yet is popping up. All I was told is be super nice, to them, smile at them, say hello! and it will utterly confuse them! a sort of kill them kindness route.

I am hoping soon my subconscious will kick in. as, it keeps yelling Rose Quartz throw some love into the situation. is that honestly wise? using rose quartz?
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