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Originally posted by Alissa
The universe may keep putting him in your path until you resolve that lesson. Or, you may lose your opportunity to, if you don't find the nerve to *make* it happen. [/B]
this has made me worry.....
i was predicted to meet a guy last month that i was apparently going to have a great relationship with. thing is i saw him twice within 4 days. first time when i was at work (in a bar, he was drinking there), i saw him and he looked exactly how my friend had predicted! i was trying to 'give him the eye' so he would know i was interested, but not sure if he caught on.
the second time i saw him in the super market, and i nearly ran my trolley into him (accidentally), was a weird moment as he just stared me right it the eyes, and i gave him a smile, but then we just carried on our own ways.

now reading alissa's quote i'm worried that perhaps i've missed my chance at being with this guy. i'm terrible at approaching men, and never have the nerve to do it.
i'm not sure what to think, i knew that he was the guy, but didn't do anything about it, and now i'm not sure if i'm the universe is going to give me the chance again.

so castle rock, you must definately take up this chance before it goes.

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