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The only book I have ever had for this deck (the only deck I ever really use) is 'The Book of Thoth'.
Though I have read a lot of other books that connect to the ideas in it.

I have to say that can be quite obscure, and sometimes difficult. Especially if you are not used to that type of writing, or familiar with the stuff in it.
But, you get used to it as you go along, and it starts to make sense (sometimes).
And sometimes just the wonderful mysteriousness of 'What the hell is he on about?' gives it a charm of it's own.

I started reading it 20 years ago, still reading it now. Sometimes I almost understand it.

read everything.
You cannot read too much.
Read things that contradict each other, read things you don't understand.
The more you read the more sense it will all make (eventually. You have to go throught the nothing making sense thing for a while)

And, slowly, it will start to make sense to you (which might be a different sense to me, or anyone else) And then you will know what the cards mean to you (today. They might have changed by tomorrow)

Read both books.
You decide which you like best.

Of course you are going to say that I didn't do that.
Yes, quite right. I said so at the beginning.
But when I started with this deck, and for a long time after, either these books did not exist, or I did not know they existed.
I have only found out since I got this computer (A year and a half ago)
And I havn't got round to getting them.
But I have read a lot. I read everything I could get my hands on in the days before the internet and ebay and abe (amazing place that. Bit pricey tho)

Anyhow. Reading.
Good thing to do when it is raining.
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