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Originally Posted by Abrac
"The kingdom of God is within you." -Jesus, Luke 17:21
In that sense, Thelema can be regarded as a continuation, and evolution, of Christianity. It's a re-telling of a timeless mystery. A mystery that has been lost within Christianity.

Christianity is a poisoned well. The vile doctrine of original sin ruined Christianity before it even got going, and we've been living with the consequences ever since.
Originally Posted by Abrac
Do what thou 'wilt' sounds different on the surface, but when you start to investigate what it's really saying it's no different from any other self-sacrificial dogma that teaches one to sacrifice their will to another supposedly more enlightened will.
But, as has already been pointed out, traditional ideas of self-sacrifice are directed at someone else's conception of God.

But it doesn't stop there. Christianity promotes the ideal of self-sacrifice as a general formula for life. It's an aspirational ideal that we should all worship and adore. To this day it is still deeply rooted in our culture. How many movies are still being made where the hero or heroine has to sacrifce themselves for the greater good. Why are we constantly being put on a guilt trip because someone is making a sacrifice by being involved in a war. Because we still idolise self-sacrifice. (Of course we don't like it's latest manifestation. Martyrdom. )

Thelema proclaims, "Do what thou wilt". But there's no hidden caveat tacked onto the end that says, "But feel free to throw your Will away in the name of self-sacrifice." General ideals for all, like self-sacrifice, are anathema to Thelema. "Thou hast no right but to do thy will".
This card is beautiful is a strange, immemorial, moribund manner. It is the card of the Dying God; it's importance in the present pack is merely that of the Cenotaph. It says: "If ever things get bad like that again, in the new Dark Ages which appear to threaten, this is the way to put things right." But if things have to be put right, it shows that they are very wrong. It should be the chiefest aim of the wise to rid mankind of the insolence of self-sacrifice, of the calamity of chastity; faith must be slain by certainty, and chastity by ecstacy."

The Book of Thoth p.97
To sum up, Christian ideals of self-sacrifice are a throw back, in much the same way that our notions of a dying sun are a throw back. They are now little more than emergency back up plans if the s**t hits the fan. But that should be a big red flashing warning sign with bells and claxons, that something is seriously wrong, because it represents a huge step backwards in our spiritual evolution.

Thelema is symbolised by the ever-living sun. Like most modern day people, I don't believe that the sun dies at sunset. It's an illusion. So why should I constrain my spiritual understanding to a primitive misconception of nature. Thelema represents self-actualization, not self-sacrifice.
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