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Originally Posted by Abrac

Do what thou 'wilt' sounds different on the surface, but when you start to investigate what it's really saying it's no different from any other self-sacrificial dogma that teaches one to sacrifice their will to another supposedly more enlightened will.
I can see your point, Abrac. what makes it different to me from what I've read about Thelema so far (although I may be misunderstanding it) is that that supposedly more enlightened will is supposed to be yourself. And it sounds like it is supposed to be yourself in a way that is different from the teachings of other religions where non-dualism makes "god" in some way also "yourself". It sounds like in Thelema the god that is yourself could look (and behave) quite different from the god that is also someone else's self.

I suppose it could still seem like self-sacrificial dogma to sacrifice your own less-enlightened will to your own more-enlightened will.
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