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Could you sign me up, Alta? bluefairy sent me this wonderful deck and I need some practice with it. That isn't even accurate--as the cards themselves seem to be animated (with this deck at least). So let's say--I need some practice listening/talking with the fae .

Originally Posted by Enchanted Dale
I'm hopeing someone can pass along some information. I pick up energy very easy from people who are in the same room and I (read-see) things that others don't see. This of course will help me with personal in house readings. My question? How do you plug-in to someone online? What do you do to connect?
Practice . My first online reading was a tarot exchange with phoenixblu--I was nervous then and I'm still nervous now . At first I would focus on the person's avatar (weird, I know) but after being on the forum awhile I got used to reading posts from some of the members, so it helps me connect more now that I feel I know a little about their character. Don't feel awkward, just focus on the message you're delivering and have faith in yourself. May the fae be with you!
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