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Originally Posted by KafkasGhost
XIV Temperance was the first card I drew. I thought, gee, 14?! And then I reduced the number to 5. I did a yes/no Ace/Magician/13 spread to confirm if it was 14 or 5. A resounding YES to 14.

Then I inquired further and of those 14, only 4 wanted to "participate in the interview." ;0)
I'm very interested in trying this spread! I do have two questions. In this quote of yours, because I'm so new to Tarot, I can not envision what you actually did here to confirm. Can you direct me to a posted spread for this please?

Also, is the original (and the above quoted) specific to the whole deck, or can you use Majors only? I'm just about finished meeting all my Majors. If it works as well with Majors only, I'll be able to try it out next week. If not, I do have another month or so before I can try this out.


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