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Sign up thread for November Faery Seekers Circle

Hi all,

It is time for our faery lovers to sign up for the November round of the Faery Seekers Circle.

The usual:

This circle uses either or both of the two Froud oracles: The Faeries oracle and Heart of Faery. No other faery decks.

The circle runs for a month, with partners posted on the 1st, and readings should be done by around the 20th to give your partner a chance to reflect and give you good feedback.

Please keep in touch with your partner, and don't sign up if you can see that the month will be unmanageably busy, I hate to see sad faces.

Looking through the spreads I saw this one by the imaginative Glass owl and thought we might like to try this one for November:

How can I be more?

How can I be more...

1. Adaptable (willing to change)

2. Receptive (open to learning, accepting of gifts)

3. Generous (give of myself, share, teach)

4. Positive (radiate positive energy)

5. Courageous (take action)

6. Graceful (Willing to let go, accept, forgive)

7. Authentic (be true to myself)

For newer users of this oracle: Don't let the number of cards intimidate you. Consult with your partner to just do at least 3 of these positions.

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