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Sometimes I read for the guys who come over for poker once a month while they wait for everyone to arrive. I often use two card spreads because with several people to read for and limited time, I need something short and quick. Here are a few I use:

1. What is the gift in this situation (relationship, etc.)? What is positive about it, what is the good in it?
2. What is the challenge in this situation (relationship, etc.)? What will I have to work on, overcome, or deal with?

Now 'n Later
1. What do I need to pay attention to or do now, as soon as possible?
2. What can I put on the back burner until things have settled down (but still will need to deal with sometime in the near future)?

1. What would be beneficial for me to do or get involved in? What should I let in my life?
2. What needs to be "returned to sender?" What do I need to let go of or avoid altogether?

Another to add:
1. What is going on that is hidden (or that I don't want to see)?
2. If left alone, what will this produce (consequences)?

Anyone else got some quickies to share?

KMilliron's Internal/External:
1. What emotions and thoughts are influencing my actions?
2. What's going on around me that is influencing my actions?

Le Fanu's Pause/Fast Forward:
1. Now (what is the status of it/anything now?)
2. Where is it heading?

Flaxen's Search:
1. Search and Find - What do I need to add to my life?
2. Search and Destroy - What do I need to eliminate from my life?
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