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I think the two stars/septagrams are two different ways of marking the polar axis. IMO, the large globe on the Star card is the Earth. This identification provides the card with a new name, as per Liber AL I:57.
here it referred not to AA, or anything but ; " Most prominent among its features is the seven-pointed Star of Venus."
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The Star of trump XVII is, in one sense, the pole star, the fixed axis of the heavens. But when Hipparchus discovered the precession of the Equinoxes, that meant that the pole star was not fixed. In fact there is no pole star. The pole is the axis of the Earth itself.

Well, even if I accept that it is the pole star (and not Sirius) ; Ok so far ...
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So the name of the card is changed from the Star to the Earth.

Whoa! bit of a quantum leap there !

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This makes the three bottom paths on the Tree of Return attributed to the cards of The Moon, the Sun, and the Earth.

It is not the celestial globes that rotate around the Earth; it is the Earth that spins through the heavens. The axle of this wheel, the Hadit point, is the center of the Earth, and the North and South Poles are the poles of spin.
hang on ... Once the celestial globe is not considered we are not in a geo centric view. Once we see the earth 'spinning through the heavens' there is no celestial globe. The axle of any wheel based on this is the earths axis not centre. An axle is a line not a point. Unless I am totally missing something ?
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