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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
Maybe it is only displayed (completed) in the great day of M.A.A.T. when the final and full Union occurs with the Hierophant.

There's something bugging me though. In a way the 'covenant' mentioned in Liber A'ash is 'displayed' after a fashion by the union of the Phallic head-dress and the Rose of five petals. But in the story of Isis and Osiris the phallus was lost and had to be replaced with a substitute. Does that still hold true in the card though? This is one reason why I keep thinking the face of the Hierophant is a mask. But who is wearing the mask? The Hierophant pose is the exact opposite that you would expect from a traditional Osirian Hierophant. The sceptre is in his right hand instead of the left. And the benediction is formed with the left hand instead of the right, and it is inverted! It's like I said in another thread, this guy is like an anti-Pope. And anti-Osiris is Set - the Eye in the Triangle.

In Egyptian myth Set's wife, Nephthys, got off with Osiris. Is Set disguised as the Hierophant making the final Adjustment (Saturn exalted in Libra) with Isis in a way that relates to Crowley's comment about the Legend of Pasiphae? A very secret joke at somebody's expense!
Those thoughts are very interesting Aeon and do make sense, but I can think of another way that follows the same line of thought in a different manner, for the sake of more than one interpretations of your really interesting thoughts: In this card, we can see all the Deities of Thelema, in one way or another: The Hierophant being Osiris (HGA, Tiphareth etc), Isis being our lady in front of him and Horus, their son, dancing joyfully with his Ankh (To Go) on his foot.

If we do assume that our Hierophant is Osiris because of his headress, I think the mask -if he is wearing one, which may be true considering his eyes- is covering a part of him. I once saw a painting on a wall writing "What mask are you wearing today?", implying that all of us present the part of us that we want to show per instance. With this in mind, I think Osiris as Tiphareth, God the Son, is wearing a mask to saw us what we need to see from him: That his pose, face, attitude may be different, but his function is the same through the Aeons. The mask is what is his own illusion to present himself as the times require (thus we get to his "motion" every 2000 years), his essense though is to be what he is, meaning fulfilling the vital -from the Tree's perspective- functions of Tiphareth.

Along the same line of thought, he may be pulling a secret joke about someone he knows fully well: Himself. The same gift in a different gift box depending on how time (each Aeon's perspective) sees fit, if you prefer.
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