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I just finished The Cultural History of Tarot: From Entertainment to Esotericism, by Helen Farley, and I found it very enjoyable. It's more recent, so it reference Huson and Dummett etc.

It's quite skeptical and not reverential at all about the GD and subsequent esoteric tradition, so be warned if you don't like Dummett's tone. Not quite as snarky as Wicked Pack of Cards, but a more concise read of the Material covered in Dummett's book on the occult tradition.

The newer material is regarding the early history of the Tarot: she pretty much puts everything down with the Viscontis. I think she dismisses some theories too handily, like O'Neill's contention that the Visconti deck may not have had a Devil or Tower card at all because the ideas of exploitation of people and the downfall of the mighty would not sit well with the wealthy users of the painted cards.

I'm not seeing this book discussed here that much, which I suspect may be because of it's insane cover price.

Up next I may read Rana George's book on Lenormand. I don't have anything immediately up to read for Tarot books. I may re-read Ben-Dov's Open Reading Book or Jodo's Way of the Tarot.
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