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VTG Albano-Waite Large Format Booklet?!?

Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
Just wait a bit as I pick up my jaw from the floor . . .

Whoa that's yuuuuUUUGGEE! Much bigger than all the Visconti-Sforzas I know.

Lisa Myobun said in her opening post that the booklet was around 6" x 9.25" and that's just a tad bigger than the dimensions of the Giant Albano that you mentioned. Maybe Lisa just rounded it off and the booklet really was the LWB for the Giant A? I mean, they almost have the same size, altho that can be a mere coincidence.

Hi folks -

Nope, I didn't round up. The booklet is definitely 6" wide.

Dusty also verifies that these booklets didn't fit in the Giant packaging and were likely sold separately...


ETA Hi Rodney - glad to have this thread moved if it's no longer in the right place... sorry!
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