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There is a thread about this somewhere...

The 2 part, gold inner box, OTO thoth comes in three varieties, as far as I have been able to find out.

I.On the side of the box - Published by LLewellyn, printed in Hong Kong. I think these have the gold writing on the front of the box.

2. On the side - Published by Llewellyn, printed in USA. Black writing on box.

3. On the side - distributed by Weiser, printed in the USA. Black writing on front.

All these have the 'same' cards with the poor printing, the blank front borders and no back borders.

I believe the Hong Kong one was published first, in 69. Then the other 2 soon after. Until around 77 when the USG/Weiser greenie came out in the ordinary box.
There was a whole thread about this, where people said what they had and we all did contrast and compare.

I think that the dodgy 8 was in the Hong kong deck.
I think Rusty Neon measured his decks and found a small size difference.

There is such a big difference between the colours in your scan, Gregory.
I have a Weiser in the 2 part box, and I don't remember the prince of cups being that bright on mine!

In my Weiser deck, the centre part of the 4 swords and the 6 discs is very faded in a weird way. Only the centre, they are OK around the edges.
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