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It seems to me there is a delicacy of approach being called for here. Perhaps "tact" is the word it seems to be saying.

The 6 is the balanced sefira, and the intellect (Air) in balance is a very *conscious* application of intellectual power - it is assessment, judgement, deliberation. It is not intuition, but the mirror of intuition (straight down from Kether) expressed in words.

I would say the trump emphasizes the sense of balance in this reading - you have to get the heart of the matter (the heart is the center too). Why do you think you don't already have the trust you need?

So the swords all pointed at the heart might be saying "Get to the point".

The 3 of Wands - Virtue - suggests to me "Honesty" in this case.

To sum up, use your mind to consider the possibilities, and trust your mind to figure them out, then approach the problem (your sense of somebody else's lack of confidence/trust in you) that way. The reading is saying - you have the power to do this by being intellectually honest, and tactful, without needing to resort to other means of persuasion.
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